Liveblogging from PHPCamp

I am sitting here in a talk on OpenSocial by Pravin Nirmal. After small bashing of Facebook, he has begun doing a demo, yes, a live demo! This is what you’d expect in the congregation of geeks in the neo-Silicon Valley of India, Pune. We have a sizable participation from Mumbai, Ahmadnagar.

Update: The speaker has hosted his presentation and the demo programs on his site.

It is using opensocial-0.7. He has hosted it on Here’s the code:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<ModulePrefs title=”PHPCamp – List Friends”>
<Require feature=”opensocial-0.7″/>
<Content type=”html”>

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”” />

<script type=”text/javascript”>

function init() {
var req = opensocial.newDataRequest();
var opt_params = {};
opt_params[opensocial.DataRequest.PeopleRequestFields.MAX] = 20;
req.add(req.newFetchPeopleRequest(‘OWNER_FRIENDS’,opt_params), ‘ownerFriends’);

function onLoadFriends(data) {
var ownerFriends = data.get(‘ownerFriends’).getData();
var html=””;
ownerFriends.each(function(person) {
var friend_thumbnail=person.getField(opensocial.Person.Field.THUMBNAIL_URL);
html +='<li>’ + person.getDisplayName() + ‘<img src=”‘+friend_thumbnail+'”> </li>’;

html +='</ul>’;

document.getElementById(‘friends’).innerHTML = html;

<div id=’main’>
Your friends: <div id=’friends’></div>

About prasoonk

Prasoon Kumar grew up in the Bokaro Steel City of south Bihar, now Jharkhand. He studied Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Kanpur. For job he moved to the land of opportunity, United States. He was there in the bay area through the internet revolution of mid to late nineties. He spent time admiring the beautiful coastline of California among other things. He moved east coast to the New York after the turn of the millennium working in a brokerage startup. Afterwards, he is back to India for good. He has been working in the enterprises and internet startup, enjoying the city life. He has a beautiful wife, a young 5 years old daughter and 11 years old son.

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  1. SO when this new php classes is on the work .

  2. I be logging on to live blogging for sure.

  3. This reminds me of the Yahoo organized event “Big Thinkers” that i attended month back was taken up by “Duncan Watts”….he is like the man right now to lead the social networking initiative from Yahoo faternity.
    He didnt talk much on the code side but was pretty good on the science behind it ( the whole six degrees of separation and stuff) part..

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