Plan for visit to California Academy of Science

I am visiting the California Academy of Science tomorrow in the Golden Gate Park. I am excited about it. Look at the programs below, amazing.

  • 10:30 am Penguin Feedings

Penguins feedingMeet Pierre, Howard, Ocio and the rest of the African Penguin colony. Academy marine biologists will field visitor questions while feeding and caring for them.

Feeding times: Everyday at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

  • 10:30am Planetarium Shows

Sat. : Every 45 minutes, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Planetorium showTravel through time and space to experience the dramatic lives and deaths of stars. The Academy’s space show, Journey to the Stars, is projected onto a 75-foot diameter screen.

Please note: The Planetarium is very popular and tickets are handed out on a first come first serve basis due to limited seating. Visit the cart at the planetarium theater to pickup a show pass. In addition, please remember that the show is not appropriate for kids 6 and under, and that children 3 and under are not permitted.

Reservations: None. Tickets are handed out on a first-come first-served basis. Visit the kiosk at the planetarium entrance to select your show time.

  • 11:15 am Sharks and Rays

Every Saturday and Sunday at 11:15 am.

Sharks and RaysSharks and rays are some of the most compelling and misunderstood animals on the planet. Meet the biologists of the Steinhart Aquarium who care for these surprising creatures and discover some of the fact behind the fiction.

  • 11:30 am Coral Reef Discovery

11:30 am and 2:30 pm

Coral Reef DiscoveryLearn about the Academy’s Philippine Coral Reef tank, the world’s deepest exhibit of living coral. An exhibit expert will introduce you to the unique fish and corals and answer all of your reef-related questions.

  • 12:00 pm California Spotlight

Everyday at 12:00 pm in Climate Change.

California SpotlightThroughout history, California has been home to some of the most unique landscapes and amazing wildlife found in North America. Join us for a special look at some of the animals that are from this land, including the grizzly, the mountain lion, and the condor.

  • 1:30 pm Live Snake Demonstration

Every Saturday at 1:30 pm.

Live Snake DemonstrationSee a live snake handled by one of the Academy’s expert staff and learn about its amazing attributes and role in its natural ecosystem.

  • 2:00 pm Swamp Talk

Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Swamp TalkJoin us at the Swamp to learn about some of the Academy’s most popular animals, including the albino alligator and the alligator snapping turtles. You’ll find out what it takes to care for these amazing creatures, which are native to swamps in the southeastern United States. Free with Academy admission.

  • 2:30 pm Coral Reef Discovery

  • 3:30 pm Penguin Feedings

About prasoonk

Prasoon Kumar grew up in the Bokaro Steel City of south Bihar, now Jharkhand. He studied Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Kanpur. For job he moved to the land of opportunity, United States. He was there in the bay area through the internet revolution of mid to late nineties. He spent time admiring the beautiful coastline of California among other things. He moved east coast to the New York after the turn of the millennium working in a brokerage startup. Afterwards, he is back to India for good. He has been working in the enterprises and internet startup, enjoying the city life. He has a beautiful wife, a young 5 years old daughter and 11 years old son.

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