Web and mobile presence for SME

Consider this fact: There are 18,000 pearl dealers in Hyderabad. But, only 3 are present in web searches. Given the fact that there are 125M internet users and 70M mobile internet users in India, there is a missed opportunity for these businesses.

  1. Users: According to eMarketer reports, emerging economies saw 88% growth in internet user. There are 70M mobile internet users, which represents 60% of total internet users. In 2015, these figures will be 300M and 180M respectively. These users are moving their times from other media like TV and newspaper to mobile and internet now constituting 30% of their media consumption on an average.
  2. eCommerce opportunity of India will be 40B representing 6x growth over current numbers. 80% of eCommerce is projected to be travel. While, only 1/10 of total online users buy online, it will jump to 1/3 in 2015.
  3. Habits: On internet, a user has 7hr purchase decision time, which is only 1hr on mobiles for categories like restaurant etc.
  4. With growth rate of 463% between Q1, 2011 and Q1, 2012, India is among the world’s fastest growing countries in terms of mobile app sessions. Also, with increasing smartphone adoption (smartphones are expected to be ~15% of total mobile device sales in 2012, doubling from 2011), India is emerging as a potential target market for mobile apps.

Today there are almost 2 billion Internet users worldwide. In 2000, there were 361 million worldwide. But go back even farther in time and you’ll find out that back in 1995, the Internet had a worldwide user base of less than 40 million.

For perspective:

  • The Internet user base of today is 50 times larger than it was in 1995.
  • Facebook today is 15 times larger than the entire Internet was in 1995.

Some businesses enabled by internet to compete with big businesses having big marketing budget.

  1. Dollar Shave Club started in Jan 2011. It raised $9.8 million in Oct 2012for international expansion. A true internet company ready to disrupt gillettes and Bics Here’s the video:
  2. Red Tomato Pizza has come up with VIP Fridge Magnet to revolutionize home delivery of pizza. When hunger strikes, Red Tomato Pizza to rescue.
  3. Beatlabs
  4. Kissflow

Some cool Google products are:

  1. Google Business Photo – Philips Light Studio, Hyderabad has piloted this.
  2. Apps in Google Hangout – e.g. Cacoo lets you share diagrams.
  3. Google+ Events leaves any event site to dust with part mode picture sharing letting attendees post and share pictures seamlessly.
  4. OCR and image search is baked into Google Drive.

About prasoonk

Prasoon Kumar grew up in the Bokaro Steel City of south Bihar, now Jharkhand. He studied Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Kanpur. For job he moved to the land of opportunity, United States. He was there in the bay area through the internet revolution of mid to late nineties. He spent time admiring the beautiful coastline of California among other things. He moved east coast to the New York after the turn of the millennium working in a brokerage startup. Afterwards, he is back to India for good. He has been working in the enterprises and internet startup, enjoying the city life. He has a beautiful wife, a young 5 years old daughter and 11 years old son.

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