Justdial foraying into Food Home Delivery business


Justdial is India’s leading local search engine. It has quietly forayed into Food Home Delivery business by tying up with some restaurants. It is entering crowded market with national players like JustEat, Foodpanda, bookurtable and a few local players like Titbit, TastyKhana, DeliveryChef, FoodKaMood (now a part of Titbit). Another player in restaurant menu business is Zomato, but they don’t do home delivery. I had written my 3 features wishlist for them earlier.

Justdial Restaurants Page is just a static page with links to Justdial’s main site. While Restaurants Vertical on the homepage is a shortcut to Restaurant search. They have a tie-up with bookurtable for table reservation at restaurants. Interestingly, bookurtable has quietly introduced Food home Delivery themselves, so let us see how long the partnership with Justdial lasts, as they are now direct competitors. [Update: Looks like the tie-up is no longer in place, as I could not find a restaurant with bookurtable link on Justdial’s site.]
Here is some praise for restaurant search of Justdial:

— Baskar Ganapathy (@BaskarG) January 18, 2013

How it works

You Search For A Restaurant


You will find an Order Food icon prominently below SMS/Email button. There is old Menu link at the left.

Area of Delivery and Time Selection

You are presented with text menu for such restaurants, unlike scanned copy for other restaurants. When clicking on plus icon next to your desired dish, you are presented with the following screen.


It shows areas, where the restaurant delivers. When you start typing, a different set of areas appear.


If the restaurant delivers to the area selected, Proceed button is activated. Else, an error message is thrown.



Dish Selection

You can select addons, if available and even add customizations.



You can login with your Justdial credentials or as a guest. There is a verification code on mobile, which you need to enter.


Thereafter, order summary is neatly show and you need to confirm the order. Once you receive the food, you pay the delivery boy. Restaurant then pays Justdial their commission.



All in all, this is a really significant move by Justdial in the local search space. Probably, this is the first time, Justdial is moving from a lead-based model to transactions. The interface is fresh and convenient. The old Menu icon at the left bottom on the search listing page, as shown in the first screen should be different, as that icon is now associated with jpeg images of menu of restaurants, which Justdial used to show. This will help them in doing SEO for restaurants on food items. They will need to add options like online payment, loyalty program and increase restaurant coverage with their vast presence to differentiate from the competitors. Other players like Getit have integration with Bookurtable for table booking, not for home delivery.

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Prasoon Kumar grew up in the Bokaro Steel City of south Bihar, now Jharkhand. He studied Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Kanpur. For job he moved to the land of opportunity, United States. He was there in the bay area through the internet revolution of mid to late nineties. He spent time admiring the beautiful coastline of California among other things. He moved east coast to the New York after the turn of the millennium working in a brokerage startup. Afterwards, he is back to India for good. He has been working in the enterprises and internet startup, enjoying the city life. He has a beautiful wife, a young 5 years old daughter and 11 years old son.

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