National Breakfast Day Free McMuffin

National Breakfast Day Free McMuffin

Just walk into any Mcdonalds between 7am and 11am on 18th March to grab a free McMuffin. FB page of McDonals is not replying over there, so this page from my side. Full page ad on national dailies is not enough.

As I wrote in my tumblr page, there is an old Sanskrit adage:

Pratah Bhojum Purnam|
Doparah Madhyam Samaprajam|
Ratrukalam Apam Daridranam|

which basically means:
Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch should be modest like a common man, but the dinner should be very minimum, like a poor man would eat.
In today’s busy lives, we frequently forget morning breakfast, so this National Breakfast Day reminds us it’s importance.

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  1. Prasoon,

    So eventually what I understand is:

    Eat half of you stomach in breakfast.
    Eat up to your stomach in lunch.
    Eat double of your stomach in dinner.

    Is that interpretation correct?

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