Hello all, I was born in 1974 to Mr Parivesh Kumar Jha and Mrs. Pushpa Jha of Bokaro Steel City. That was the year, when some smart computer researchers invented something called the Internet Protocol suite or TCP/IP for short. 3 decades later, this internet and mobile is my life! I grew up in the emergency era in Bokaro Steel City, Bihar and studied Computer Science in IIT Kanpur. [About picture: This is the picture I used in class 12 for CBSE and engineering exams!] I moved to the land of opportunity USA for work in 1997. I am back in India 6 years later. I love yoga, Hindi music, parks, museums etc. I have spent my time working in Pune, Mumbai and Bay Area. I like the way internet and mobile have changed our lives. I wish to become a part of this history of mankind.

Here is my professional snippet:

  • 16+ Years of work experience in software requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and support.
  • Strong experience in software development and technical consultancy at software startups.
  • Product Management experience in both services and product organizations.
  • Experience working in diverse work cultures, in terms of organization size, organizational life stage, and geographical location.
  • Extensive experience in design and development of web application products based on the ASP.NET as well as Java platform.
  • Internet / Mobile marketing strategy, Media recommendation, Ad-serving, Campaign optimization, Ecommerce strategy,
  • Ecommerce enablement, Web2.0 marketing through blogs etc.
  • Strong interest in efficiency improvements. This has included a strong focus on agile product development like automation, unit testing, refactoring to build solutions incrementally.

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  1. Siddhartha Pandey

    Hi bhaiya, I am Siddhartha Pandey from Bokaro. My uncle Dr D K Pandey would praise you for your love of Physics.
    Your well deserved fame made you a household name not only in Bokaro but the country too.
    Kindly accept my Facebook request.

  2. Hey Dude..I was in class 6 when I saw your name in Bokaro Darpan ( a local Magzine )! You inspired many of us..You made us proud..! God bless you..

  3. Siddharth Singh

    Prasun Kumar, who can know you better then me. 1993 you topped IIT, the year when I could not get a rank in JEE. That year we had a tough Physics paper. Nice to see you after such a long time.Looking at your simplicity,indeed no one can deserve your position. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Hi Prasoon

    I was in class 9th at St Michael’s Patna in 1993 when you had topped JEE. I vividly remember, someone frm Bokaro/Bihar topping JEE had enthused a whole lot of students from my school/ other places in Bihar . I remember many of my classmates going for DPS Bokaro post their 10th. Also, if I am not wrong another of your batch mate had got rank 4 in that year. I think it was only in 2008 that someone from Bihar/Jh topped JEE again. Nostalgic!!!

  5. Finally i found you..:)… I was in class 2 when i heard your name from my dad talking proudly of a boy who has brought laurels to Bokaro by getting rank 1 in IIT Jee. Wishing you great success in life.


  6. Hi,

    Like many of your fans, I too had heard of you first from my Dad, my cousin (who is originally from Bokaro) and then through those pictures at the back of Brilliant Tutorials’ notes.
    So it is a very pleasant surprise to find you on the web after probably half my life.
    I was at IITB 1998-2003 and then came to the US.

    Anuranjan Jha (firstname@gmail)

    • @Anuranjan, Thanks for reaching out and adulation. I enjoyed going through your research papers on batti (EE). I could not fathom, if you have completed your PhD. Have you? Good luck with your endeavor in your life.

      • Thanks for your reply and the wishes. Yeah I got the PhD degree in 2009. I was in New York for all that time and then moved to Austin, TX and recently I have settled down in the Bay Area, California. I am an Analog/RF circuit designer (radios, TV tuners, high-speed serial links for FPGAs… those kind of stuff). I heard ‘batti’ after ages. 🙂

        Like often happens, people tend to find their links to celebrities…. so here is another “convoluted” one for me: my Dad and your Dadi are apparently cousins (phuferi behen). So all the more reasons for my Dad to keep telling me to study all those years. 🙂


  7. Yes, I got rank 1 in IIT-JEE 1993. I am working in Pune now. What about you?

  8. Are you the one who got AIR1 in IIT JEE 1993?

  9. Hi Prasoon!

    Myself Rajesh from Bokaro. You have been a source of inspiration to me. I have been close to your classmate Rajeev.

    I want to meet you. Please call me at 9210581660.


  10. Hi…..last time i met u was in 1999 in dps….we met in the physics lab …..u came der
    gr8 to talk to u once more…..

  11. Nice to Prasoon kumar finally…i have been hearing his name since childhood and finally i saw him in his website..
    keep the spirit of Bokaro alive …

  12. Thanks Jaya! All the best to you in your endeavors.
    So, I assume that you are from Bokaro as well. So, what do you do?

  13. Hi its gr8 to know someone from bokaro reaching to the hights all the best for ur life dude.

  14. finally I found your blog, let me know when is the next delhi bloggers meet scheduled 🙂

  15. late reply … that was pretty fast if u ask me … all the luck for ur venture … i hv ur feeds subscribed … so someday i guess i shall know … cya

  16. I am working in guru.com and also do some contract work on livecareer.com. I love Web2.0 and collective intelligence concept. I intend to start my own dotcom in indian internet space soon, which I’d not talk further about at this point of time. Sorry for a late reply.

  17. as ofcourse what is it into? i.e if u aint in stealth mode

  18. what’s the name of the startup ?

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