Prasoon Jha

Hello all, I was born in 1970’s to Mr Parivesh Kumar Jha and Mrs. Pushpa Jha of Bokaro Steel City. I grew up in Bokaro Steel City, Bihar and studied Computer Science in IIT Kanpur. My surname is Jha, but I don’t use it formally. I used that name till class X. Then, when I enrolled for my matriculation (class X), I removed it with the consent of my father. But, that (Prasoon Jha or Prasoon Kumar Jha) is the name with which many close friends still call me.

My City’s Wikipedia page also no longer mentions, but Wikia does mention about Prasoon Kumar Jha and Neeraj Mishra:

The wave of success was started by Prasoon Kumar Jha who topped [Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination(IIT JEE)] in 1993.

[5 Sep’11] Another Wikipedia page on IIT toppers had my name as Prasoon Kumar Jha, which I corrected today. Wikipedia is a tricky business, where my previous attempt to promote my blog had failed, so let me watch how this genuine effort goes!
DPS School Headmistress Hema Mohan Ma’am also referred me as that, which got published in Hindustan Times. So, I wanted to provide a clarification here. Interestingly, my son’s name is Akshat Kumar Jha. And, my wife is holding onto Ruby Mishra, so I need to do explaining sometimes!

135 students of DPS Bokaro crack IIT-2009

Bokaro, May. 27 — About 135 students from Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City, have found place in the coveted IITs after they appeared for the Joint Entrance Examination this year.
Principal Hemlata S Mohan said two or three students were from the last academic session while others selected in the national level engineering examination were from the current session.
”Performance of our school was best in comparison to other educational institutions in the country,” Ms Mohan said, adding the IIT topper of 1993 Prasun Kumar Jha also belonged to this school. About 135 students from Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City, have found place in the coveted IITs after they appeared for the Joint Entrance Examination this year.

Published by HT Syndicationwith permission from United News of India.

Copyright United News of India
Provided by an company
I went on to complete B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT, Kanpur.. Studying at IIT Kanpur was a humbling experience, as all your classmates are toppers from their respective schools.
  1. Hi, I am from Bokaro Steel City. I just want to confirm was it a rumor or is it true that a student from DPS, Bokaro scored rank 1 in IIT and rank 10 in CBSE Medical Examinations and that was during 1990’s. Was that student you? Please reply.

  2. Sir i am also an iit aspirant right now in class 11 did u ever go to IGM tutorials???

    • Dear Arsh, as I have written in Cracking IIT-JEE, I relied on self study and correspondence course, Agrawal Classes for my preparation. Sadly, Agrawal Classes shut down in 1995 or 96.

      • Okay thank you so much sir
        Accha sir can u please please suggest me books and share some of your valuable tips about cracking iit ….it is a humble request by me

  3. Hey sir,
    You was really a great student. I am presently a student of chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro. I came to know about you from one of my friends. My name is also Prasoon Kumar. My friends tell me mini Prasoon Jha. But i dont have confidence to do what you did. Please guide me.

  4. sir, i just that what was your key behind success. what had motivated you to study so hard.

  5. Dear sir i an from bokaro steel city .i want to know .Is special mind needed to secure 1st rank in iit or anyone can secure 1st rank with hardwork.Do u believe in god.when i was in class11 while preparing for iit i came in depression and this last for 10 could do anything.presently i teach and motivate students preparing for iit.i need your help in it without any tuition fee.can i get your contact number.

  6. Ajayendra Singh

    Dear sir,
    I am a student of IITD. For some work related issue, I needed info about the exam pattern of 1993 JEE: most importantly, the timings, and if the preliminary and subjective took place on the same weekend, etc.

    I would be really grateful if you could provide me with the info. I tried mera Google mahaan, only to be trolled by the limitless supply of JEEquestion papers.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  7. Ajayendra Singh

    Dear sir,

    I am a student of IIT Delhi, I needed the details of the 1993 JEE examination for some personal work: details like how long the exam was, what were the timings of different papers, and if both prelims and subjective were on the same weekend, etc.

    I would be very grateful to you if you could provide me with the info, since it’s difficult to find it from a web search (trolled by the limitless supply of JEE question papers).

    I only want the timings of the two exams, that’s it: and if possible, the exact dates of the exams and the results.

    Thanks in advance,
    Ajayendra Singh.

    (Email: )


    Hello sir i have recently passed out from dps bokaro and just want to request that please take out some time to visit bokaro and the scul, the students here really need your guidelines.!!

  9. Sir i am not understanding physics …. What should i do .?

  10. Sir are u from BIV 1/c .BS city

  11. paras kumar jha

    Hi prasoon . How r u. I m unable to express my feeling but always wished from God about your health n success. I m your one of the friend.

    • Thanks you Paras. A healthy and meaningful life is what I yearn and strive for. Here is wishing you the same and good luck in life! Keep in touch.

    • paras and prashoon jha
      my father( who was your classmate) use to tell me about that both of u are in competition . paras topped in boarrds but got 3 rank in iit. and prashoon jha topped …… if it is true then pls reply

  12. Sarthak Pratik

    I was overwhelmed when I looked up this page. I have always been compared to Mr.Prasun Jha (thou are still known by that name), but I bothered to look over just today. I have heard that thy record of class 12 still hangs in the balance after more than two decades. Could thou please help me in my errand to chase and conquer thy own record? Could thou please help me with my life? Do please reply.
    Yours Faithfully
    Sarthak Pratik.
    E-Mail – sarthakpratik6 AT
    Phone –
    P.S. I am real serious to take on that record.
    PPS This is straight from a rookie (me) to a pro (thou)

  13. Do you now Sudipta Sengupta? I think he studied computer science in the same batch at IITK.

  14. sir , where is ur hometown?

  15. Feeling excited by writing comments to iit air 1 BB Jha uncle always tells us about you he had also mentioned about the arun choudhry to me that he was presenting you a watch and later 1 lakh to say that u had taken tutions frm him i am currently in dps bs city . hoping for early and positive reply

    • Thanks for writing in. Please convey my regards to BB Jha uncle. Have not kept as often as I would like. I relied on self study and Agrawal classes. Did not do a single day of RN Singh classes, but got invited to his success party, where watches were presented. I did not go there. He never offered Rs. 1 Lac.
      Good luck with your studies at DPS, my alma mater. What class you are studying?

  16. (2014-15). It was all about your brief(appropriate) way of anrwering the questions in exams.
    what is your next program to bokaro ?

  17. sir i felt yery much priviledged to stdudy in dps bokaro having allumuini like you

    the day mr mahapatra sir told about ur maths copy i really wished to convey u but this i got opportunity to do so

    congrats for your extraordinary succes………….

  18. Prasoon uncle(for I am too junior to you.)Your mamaji is a great guide.My mother says that you lived close to their house .Was it sector-1/4-f….?I want to congratulate you.I am your great fan.I would like to talk to u

  19. where r u nw sir, i m also fm bokaro, my brother also passed iit in ur same year..sandeep lodha.whts ur cell no

    • I am in Mumbai Sonu working as big data professional with MongoDB India. I recently got in touch with Sandeep Lodha too, as he is here as well. Where are you and what are you doing?

  20. Sir,
    i want to know that where do you lived in bokaro………….

  21. sir what are you doing ri8 now…..m ur bigst fan aftr knowing about u frm our padhee coaching maths sir….can u suggest me for my future studies & courses if i want to be a CG artist or if i want to make a language better than C++ or java & m sure i vil do it…plz rply… ❤ u

  22. sir i m in 11th i m just too messed up in chemistry sir please do suggest something t really need help

  23. sir thank you for reply last messages it was really nice of you please reply the new one

    • Well, I am visiting Bokaro in Nov for personal work, as my father-in-law has retired and is doing grih-pravesh of his new house. So, I can not make a trip this month to Bokaro, leave, tickets etc.

  24. sir as i am an iit aspirant could you just tell how to be determine and motivated al these two years please it would really be a help and as said please once visit dps.

  25. dear prasoon jha please try to come in the alumni meet from 25 to 28 october as you are the real hero of dps bokaro of all times

  26. Misleading funde de raha hai. IIT-JEE, competition competition, slogging too hard and finally wasting your life. You are a confused soul.

  27. prasoon bhaiya , have you remembered Mr. Arun choudhary (bokaro) , your tutor for iit jee . I am also studying from him for the preparations of iit jee 2013. Arun sir talks a lot about you and shares some good moments also . A very warm wishes to you for your future life on behalf of him. Thanks!!!

    • Amit Raj, as I have mentioned a couple of times in my blog and elsewhere, I did self-study, Agrawal Classes (remote tuition) and school for IIT-JEE, no classroom coaching. I’d urge Arun Choudhary to not use my name for the same.

  28. Dear Prasoon
    It’s not about IIT JEE or DPS.It’s about Bokaro.Do you miss the days of Bokaro when very early in the morning students gear up on their cycles for tuition.When at least for four days city was buzzing with Durga Puja celebrations.When our father would bring loads of sweets from plant on Vishwakarma Puja day.The immature love stories of school days.
    Just curious how does it matter to a genius.

  29. Hi prasoon bhaiya….i appeared for jee in 2012 but not get it as suffered with jaundice for 10 months in class 12th… i am repeating… please give me some tips……

  30. Hi Prasoon,
    It was really nice reading about you.

    “Random musings on Life, World, Technology
    Live life to the fullest……….” is really good…..

    Shrikant Parab

  31. sir i have heard a lot about you nd grt fan of yours

  32. Dear Bhaiya, I was in class 3 when you along with Nilkanth Mishra and Rajesh Jha had come to Mithila Parishad at Sector-4 for felicitation. I still remember the best line from your speech ” The best study is self study”. Would like to meet you sometime in future at Pune as I often visit there at my in-laws house.

    • Nishith, you nicely summed up what I wanted to say at the end of entire speech. I have moved to Chandivali, Mumbai. I will ping you my number and address on your Indian Oil id in sometime.

  33. @Arvind, Prashant Jha is good and is in US right now. He will be coming back to India in a couple of months.I am emailing an email between 2 of you.

  34. Hi Prasoon Bhaiya, I am Arvind, a close childhood friend of Prashant Kumar Jha (your bro). Havent been in touch since, may be 20 years. Eager to know where he is these days?

  35. @Raj, youngsters are hope of world’s future and just like we got mentorship from our seniors. During internet era, I am able to connect with DPS juniors and many more. Check out as well.

  36. sahi prasoona..mast funde de rahis ho…:)

  37. @Abhishek, I used to wake up between 4 and 5 depending on various factors and study till 6:30, before scooting off to school. After coming back I’d study from 3-5, take a break. Study 6-9 again and go back to sleep. My body rythm enabled me to study during mornings. Some people are more tuned to studying during night. @Prashant, nobody is happy about it. It might be the need of country and I am not the best person to discuss the best way to produce quality engineers in this country for our needs. @Anonymous I very well remember RN Singh 9of Sec4, not co-operative colony), though I did not study under him. 33 out of 34 students, who qualified for IIT-JEE in 1993 studied under him. I do not recall Amitabh Roy. Please give me further details on prasoon DTO kumar AT gmail DOT com.

  38. Hi Prsoon Bhaiya,
    Do u remember Amitabh Roy & R N Singh sir (co-operative coloney) ! First I came to know about u from them only… Amitabh sir appreciate u a lot..

  39. How do you feel about IIT JEE being diluted by Kapil Sibbal? Standing the chance of being branded casteist, I’d still make the statement that you have made Jha Maithil brahmins proud with your achievement. We admire you Prasoon Kumar Jha.

  40. Sir
    I had always overwhelmed by your success stories since my childhood(Bokaro Steel City).Unfortunately even after 2 yrs of my preparation for IIT JEE I could not end up with any of the IITs now I am in final years of computer Science and preparing for my GATE exam .and I have question to ask how many hrs did u put while preparing for IIT JEE during 1993.

  41. Sreedhar, now I have your 2 emails. Please allow me this weekend to respond. One is on Vedic Mathematics, Other one is about IIT-JEE top rankers of various years. Let me go through them and respond by this weekend.

  42. Dear Prasoon, I wrote to you. Did you get it?

  43. Sreedhar, I am located in Pune and travel frequently to Mumbai for work, I spent 6 years between 1997 and 2003 in the US. I had move there to work with Autodesk, which I got through campus selection. The original plan was to do an MS after 2 years of working over there. It never happenned during internet boom times of 1996-2000. So, the lesson is that you should do higher studies immediately after bachelors. On an unrelated note, Sanjay Jha originally from Bhagalpur, Bihar has led Motorola to successful position and acquisition of its mobility division by Google for $12.5 billion. What are you doing?

  44. Dear Prasoon Kumar Jha,

    Where are you located now? Also, just curious, did you not feel the temptation to go to the US for higher studies?

  45. Dinesh, thanks for the good words and good luck to you as well!
    Anurag, thanks for writing in. I understand your rage at the compelling parents with utter disregard to their ward’s interests and the state of school. While number of sections have increased, so the total number of students clearing competitive examinations has remained constant. We had only 4 sections till D. Now, DPS Bokaro has sections till H or more. There have been good developments like LCD in class XI and XII. Our school has come on international map. Recently, an Australian education delegation came to Bokaro and liked what they saw at our school. Mahapatra sir is there and might become the Principal, as Hemlata ma’am has taken up another post in Mahila Samiti. She is currently not the Principal, but honorary Principal, whatever that means! Bokaro is expanding and is no longer just 5Lakh population, so there will be changes. Take care buddy!

  46. you make us proud all the time, DPS Bokaro what were you guys made of? but you know that was a different time…today it’s because of you that Bokaro has become a living hell for students who come from here and there in mass , and iitian is wat evrybody wants to become making life hell to live specially with parents obsessed with iit…they just can’t think beyond …. you had changed the bokaro educational scenario for good …but now it’s on the worst side with thousands of coaching institutes that simply know how to suck your money …..U know what i mean … and this bloody shit school of ours has become the kingpin in bokaro expanding buildings and ousting good and old teachers at the ,mercy of the bloody slut hemlata

  47. I too come from Bokaro Steel City. We are proud of you. Your name is mentioned aptly in Bokaro’s wikipedia pages. Prasoon Kumar or Prasoon Kumar Jha, good luck to you for this life and beyond!

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