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IIT Topper article

I came across an interesting story on what IIT toppers went on to do later in their lives. Here’s the comment I added over there.

Wow, quite an insightful article. It does dispel some myths created by an entertaining book ‘Five point someone‘ of Chetan Bhagat. I can relate to Vineet’s statement about problems harder than JEE and also Arvind Saraf”s statement about over-expectation from JEE toppers!

As for a list of 50 toppers, which many were expecting the article to cover, is listed on Wikipedia page – List of IIT Toppers, LeadIIT wiki.

Starting 2012, IIT-JEE answer key is put on the portal, which is a good move towards transparency. I really like the fact that IIT-JEE will have subjective questions to improve quality of intake. Kapil Sibal has been forced to backtrack on unified entrance examination for IIT atleast till 2015. While other centrally funded institutes will use 40% board marks and 60% JEE performance for entrance to NIT, IIIT etc., II’s will continue to use JEE only.

Here’s my photo, as it appeared in 1993, when I topped IIT-JEE (thanks to Brilliant tutorials site created by Vriti for this)