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April SAIF ignition meeting on mobile marketing

SAIFMobileMarketingSAIF held a meeting for entrepreneurs at its office terrace on the theme of mobile marketing. There were a lot of folks from SAIF investee companies like PayTM, PropTiger etc. After initial snacks and networking, Deepak Abbot (@deepakabbot), Product Marketing Head from PayTM provided valuable insights regarding mobile marketing.

PayTM has been marketing for 1.5 years. It grew 4x. It is a desktop web company to start with. Now, 60% orders come on mobile. They have seen 6m app installs till March 2014. Windows is 2nd biggest interestingly. Have to spent money, not upgraded. 4% revenue.
They started with a target 10m in 2 yrs.
Acquire, retain. Loyalty, monetize, analytics are key to mobile marketing.
First 3 months is your best chance. Use the following 5 methods for it.

  1. App Store optimization – keywords in title, description. New google play policy on April 1. App icon. Category – secondary. Non-competitive categories like Education. More no of installs on iOS. Active users, uninstall, inbound links. Less than 1000 a day can rank. Ranking doesn’t change too fast on Play. If uninstall rate is 40%, it is taken -vely.
  2. Reviews and ratings – Ask review. Android allows review reply – use that. Windows app Store has these feature now as well.
  3. App Store submission – In addition to submitting to standard stores, like Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, list your application at 50 other stores like amazon, getjar as well.
  4. PR, Social Media – 75k IAS centric app
  5. Referral – Uber gave free money to use for rides

Engagement and retention

Active install. Gaming 10 times a month. Paytm 4 times a month. DTH recharge is done monthly. Don’t send irrelevant notification. Use it selectively.

  1. Audience segmentation – tool like Urban Airship
  2. Targeted offer (Commerce App)
  3. Virtual gratification – Quizup. Titles. Crown around photograph.
  4. T+X, T+Y strategy: 7th day user is not coming, send offer on 10th day
  5. Social plugins – Google plus. Over the air install. Tinder
  6. Cross promotions: don’t monetize from day 1


  1. Games and freemium instead of paid apps. Be clear about Biz Model
  2. Don’t create pricing barrier
  3. Advertising – Go native if possible
  4. In-App purchases – make it fun, 1% is minimum benchmark

Appslar, Flurry, google analytics, localytics,for mobile. How many organic, reference. Cohorts like how many came today segment. Transacting vs how often, how much money. ARPU. LTV. How many are opening on day 1. PayTM benchmark is 40%, but keep it at 10%.

  1. App usage
  2. ARPU
  3. Retention
  4. LTV
  5. User feedback

Configure certain standard stuff on day 1. (Semantic web for lesser mortals) should be enabled on day 1.
Demo’ed apps at developer event. Get app to blogger a month before is a good trick to gain some traction. The audience was engaged and resonated with