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SAP, Database, ERP et al


Asian paint case study – 5k employees, 30k shops. Android platform. ERP platform.

Successfactors – As big and as old a SAAS company as Salesforce. 15m users. 3500 customers >10 yrs in cloud.

Indus SAP user group – Manish Choksi, CIO Asian Paints Ltd. is the chairman. SIG on BI, industry auto, pharma launching soon, platform. Partner summit.

Steve Lucas – Executive VP & GM, DB & Technology. Rapid deployment Service improves time for SAP deployment.

Paradigm shift: 85B apps in 2016. 8B population. Big data, real time, predictive. 7.5 ZB 90% video.

SAP visual intelligence has been inspired by Tablaeu in an open admission by Steve. Explore it on microsite.

Social mobile panel

Niraj Athalye. Neelam Dhawan (HP)

Sentiment analysis, intention. Asian Painting will help consumer find the right painting contractor with the help of friends. People as media – socialcasting. Personalization of software.


Decision revolution – inform, align, adapt.


  • Query & reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Data Discovery
  • Predictive analysis

3d model from right hemisphere acquisition integrated into analytics. @atul_sap

Ashok leyland

Venkatesh. Building information culture by leveraging BI. Sap ECC, dealer business management. SAP is used in all joint ventures for collaboration and monitoring as well. Business analytics is a subset of BI. SIAM competitive data, and Commodity price of steel, benchmark. Business insights. IT maturity: supplier, enabled, IT led organization. Hubble telescope into business operations and performance.

Information maturity path 

  1. Data analysis
  2. Information
  3. Performance
  4. Predictive

BA maturity

Data mashup

Access control

BI obesity


Infrastructure efficiency, simpler management,  built-in availability, greater agility

NIC HBA teaming


IIT Topper article

I came across an interesting story on what IIT toppers went on to do later in their lives. Here’s the comment I added over there.

Wow, quite an insightful article. It does dispel some myths created by an entertaining book ‘Five point someone‘ of Chetan Bhagat. I can relate to Vineet’s statement about problems harder than JEE and also Arvind Saraf”s statement about over-expectation from JEE toppers!

As for a list of 50 toppers, which many were expecting the article to cover, is listed on Wikipedia page – List of IIT Toppers, LeadIIT wiki.

Starting 2012, IIT-JEE answer key is put on the portal, which is a good move towards transparency. I really like the fact that IIT-JEE will have subjective questions to improve quality of intake. Kapil Sibal has been forced to backtrack on unified entrance examination for IIT atleast till 2015. While other centrally funded institutes will use 40% board marks and 60% JEE performance for entrance to NIT, IIIT etc., II’s will continue to use JEE only.

Here’s my photo, as it appeared in 1993, when I topped IIT-JEE (thanks to Brilliant tutorials site created by Vriti for this)

Siyona Jha my 2nd kid

One of the most happiest day of my life was in Feb, when we were blessed with a second child. My son is thrilled to have a girl chilD to play with. He calls her Barbie doll and princess among other names.

The king of restaurant menus – Zomato

  is the destination for foodies in metro for not just for food ordering/take-out, but we also browse the site before heading to a restaurant. We come to know approximate cost of our outing!

The following 3 features, I love are:

  1. Availability of menus for all restaurants, I go to – As I mentioned above, other competing sites don’t have menus always available.
  2. Ability to share my favorite restaurant lists, e.g. Been There by Prasoon Jha.
  3. I as a user of the site should be able to add a restaurant, not just the restaurant owner.

3 features, which I dislike or new enhancements, I’d like to see are:

  1.  When I search restaurants in a particular locality, say Malad(W), I’d want to see them on a map.
  2. Another feature,I’d want is private lists, which I can share only with my friends.
  3. I’d also like an ability to follow food editors or a favorite foodie in my neighborhood.

So, that completes an entry from Prasoon Kumar or Prasoon Jha for the Zomato feedback contest. I think it is a nice usecase for social media participation and crowd-sourcing product ideas!

At Shipra mall

At Shipra mall, originally uploaded by Maverick’s eclectic vicissitudes.

We shifted to Indirapuram, a suburb next to East Delhi. The city shot into prominence with Shipra suncity and Shipra Mall. Now, a lot of constructions are taking place. Shipra mall can easily be told to be architecturally most aesthetic mall in NCR. Akshat frequents there a lot.